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What is Hoorah Roadside to Website?

In South Africa there are 1.6 million informal street vendors. Amongst them are highly skilled entrepreneurs that has never had the opportunity to grow their businesses. The Hoorah Roadside to Website initiative aims to help any roadside entrepreneur through leveraging our platform and technology. With the help of communities, we source these entrepreneurs and offer them free online shops as well as additional training. Through being online, these vendors conduct business in a safer environment and are exposed to a much larger market.

Free Online shops

Hoorah Online Shops are super powerful e-commerce shops designed to give entrepreneurs a ZERO startup fee introduction to selling online. We have built strong integrity into our platform to ensure products always reach the customer in record turn-around times, even from the most remote locations.

Premium Empowerment

Within our ecosystem, we provide roadside vendors with the opportunity to grow through the support of the community.  Check out Hoorah Launchpad for more info.



We give anyone the opportunity to refer roadside vendors to us. We ensure the person(s) whom refer the vendor stay up to date with the empowerment process.



We believe all entrepreneurs were created equally but some were left behind due to various reasons. As we’ve had significant experience dealing with e-commerce and the fourth industrial revolution approaching – we feel obliged to leave no man behind.

Why take them off the road?

– Vendors are exposed to unsafe business environments. There are 1.6 million informal vendors and yet they have limited markets due to geolocations. 


Why put them on a website?

The internet is wonderful in many aspects. A website allows vendors to be more productive through focussing on manufacturing as opposed to selling. It also exposes them to larger markets and ultimately Hoorah uses it to identify high-potential entrepreneurs that can create premium, exportable products.

Watch out for these signs along the road and support our entrepreneurs!

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