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Velile Lupahla

Velile’s story

Velile Lupahla is a South African Entrepreneur who manufactures and sells picnic blankets for a living. Being a proud Hoorah Entrepreneur, this is how we changed her life. #Hoorah

Curtis ShweShwe Slippers


ShweShwe Slippers

Curtis ShweShwe Slippers store opening soon on Hoorah Online Shops! Real handmade slippers made from authentic African ShweShwe materials.

FNV Ceramics 

Wayne & Farai

We found a gem! These guys are true entrepreneurs and making the most beautiful items from ceramics. It takes them days to make a single item as they put their hearts and souls into it! Check out their online store on Hoorah!

Mikes’s wooden crafts 


Mike makes wooden sculptures from drift wood and logs and sells them on the roadside… until now. We love helping entrepreneurs! Check out Hoorah Rural initiative to take entrepreneurs from Roadside to website! #Hoorah!

Diane’s amazing SwheSwhe Shop


Diane is now live on Hoorah Online Shops! She sells the most amazing Shweshwe material products, from dog beds to oven gloves #Hoorah!

Hoorah Rural

At Hoorah social responsibility is very close to our heart. Today we went to Mamelodi to chat to SMME’s and set up their online shops for free! #Hoorah!


From Roadside 2 Website; the story of Corner Beadworks

On the 2nd of October, 2018, Hoorah set out to accomplish another successful
business launch as Corner Beadworks opened their doors for the first time in the
virtual world. The business name is as interesting as the items they have available on
sale on www.hoorah.co.za/store/corner-beadworks/
The name is not only catchy and authentic but denotes the actual location of the
business, that’s on the corner of Florence Ribeiro and George Storrar Drive in
Groenkloef, Pretoria. Charles Zvomuya, a beadwork artist for close to 10 years,
started his business with two others in an effort to change the socioeconomic
situation that they find themselves in.
Corner Beadworks is one example of a business that’s been identified by Hoorah’s
Roadside 2 Website initiative which seeks to give merchants on the street a chance to
grow their business and customer database while embracing alternative sales channels
and potential. For Mr Zvomuya and his colleagues, they are hopeful that this will help
them reduce the need to come to Groenkloof every day from Mamelodi township
because of how expensive it is.
Due to the location of the bead worker’s business there’s a large misconception that
he’s a vagrant opposed to a legitimate businessman. This presents its own set of
problems as people often become weary when it comes to custom orders or works
that they can’t see, despite his ability to make them. What hoorah has done for him
by assisting him with the opening his own store, is provide him with a chance to
deliver his product through to anybody, anywhere in the world.
“I’m excited to be online now because my stuff is going worldwide and I know I’m
going to have many customers,” Charles Zvomuya said when asked for comment about
his new enterprise. Given the fact that he pays no fees whatsoever to set up an
online store on Hoorah.co.za, who takes 5% incentive as an administration fee,
Corner Beadworks benefits from marketing services, the use of shipping accounts and
online hosting.
This initiative hopes to help him and others like him in similar situations become
entrepreneurs who have embraced the digital age and have learnt to work alongside it
rather than against it and get left behind. Although, a website is not something
tangible the key to understanding its power is in education. The extra sales are
obtained from it, the easier it should be for street-side business owners to take an
interest in its potential by educating themselves on how to use it to their benefit.
Charles and his business will benefit from working smarter and not harder as monies
saved be used to increase inventory or spread the word within his local community.
From a social responsibility aspect, it helps shed light on the talents of people who do
not have the knowledge, skills or access to a computer to place their products online.
All you need to become a Hoorah vendor is an e-mail address and smartphone or

Corner Bead Works

Charles Zomuia

We are now exporting their handmade goods all the way to Shanghai. The article above is where it all started and has all led up to this moment! #Hoorah


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